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Thankyou, I am from the uk so I do not know what Kool-Aid packets are.but I will try what you suggested and use dust colours.
Sweet_Toof It depends how much you need, I was never told any amounts. I just guess how much fondant I think that I will need and add a tiny amount of hot water at a time until I get a good piping consistency. I put the fondant in a mixer bowl using the dough hook, and mix it this way, when it gets soft I change to a K beater so it mixes it to the right piping consistency. The whisk does not work as the fondant clogs it up when you first start mixing.
The last couple of times that I have coloured fondant with colour paste it just falls to pieces when I roll it, and seems quite wet. I added more icing sugar but it did not make any differance. It was impossible to work with.I did put in more colour paste than I normally do to get a rich colour, but deffinatly not a dark colour, I wanted a medium blue. So I had to throw it away and use a light blue which worked.Has anybody any idea why this happens and can it be...
Thank you, I never thought of that,
This is probably a dumb question, but why are you supposed to dry flowers e.g. roses upside down?I took a course at my local college making flowers and was taught to dry them upside down. I always do but just wondered why you have to do this.Can you dry them upright in a dry oasis?
I have found this, hope it helps. Sugarflair edible metallic icing colouring.Sugarflair edible metallic icing colourings unique, in our opinion, the best you can buy anywhere in the world. 8g jar will last for ages.Metallic icing colourings are basically edible gold / silver leaf or edible glitter suspended in alcohol. When painted on to icing the alcohol quickly evaporates, leaving behind a stunning... this helps. this helps
I have found this I hope it helps.Gumpaste Gardenia threads: you'll get more help, but this is all I could find.Post Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 10:15 pm by Jan H moderater.
I have just been to a BSG meeting and a judge for cake shows here in the uk, was there talking about cake decorating. She has been doing it for 20 years, and she gave us a great tip.Melt fondant with a little hot water until you have a piping consistency,Then you can use the exact same colour that you are using on your cake to pipe, writing, making leaves etc.If it gets too wet add a little icing sugar.Also ideal for sticking flowers and fondant decorations on cakes or...
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