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I drag my fav pics to my desk top and put the name of the person who made the cake underneath the pic for reference and them put all in a folder. So would be great to organize into catergories
thanks very much for the advice,
I have been thinking of starting a business selling cake toppers. I have bought clear boxes to put the toppers in. I have a bride and groom which are stuck to a small cake board about 6" x 3" . How would i package them so they would be safe to post. Also i have made gumpaste teddies, i don't want them stuck to a board so i would worry about them moving about in transit. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks
Liitle girl tutorial and cup cake topper tutorials.
Learn how to make this sweet doll topper. This is not in English but the step-by-step picture guide is awesome!Part 1: 2:
Is there any tutorials for making a open top sports car that I could sit a bride and groom in? I have found tons of pictures but I am unable to attach a picture.I have been searching the internet and cannot find any tutorial or information for any type of car cake topper. this works.
How do I copy the manchester united logo to put on a man united shirt cake?I have tried to pm some cc members who have done this but when I click on their username I keep getting a white page with error on it.Thanks.
Thank you, this is similer but I need it to look a bit more realistic, I have searched the internet and cannot find one.
Could anybody please tell me if they know of any tutorials on how to make a gum paste horse.
I did do this and even added a couple of drops of glycerine, I think it had gone to far to save. Thanks.
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