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Thank you both for your advice, I will make my own with the recipe, Hopefully it will work out fine.
I have never heard of that cake mix here in the uk. But i will give the recipe ago. It looks really nice.Thanks for the reply.
Hi, i have been looking at some new recipes to try out. Some of the recipes it says that you need cake box mix. Is that a box you buy from the super market. e.g. vanilla sponge mix. Sorry for sounding dumb, but everybody is so helpful here and i have learned so much. I haven't got aclue what it means.Thanks
Great advice thanks, my mother in law has one. I will borrow it.
hi, yes i do mean a bath tub. you said make a mould i am not sure how to do that. thanks for your reply.
I am making a cake for a friend and she wants a bath as a cake topper, i have hand made one for a baby bath on a cake i made but it wasn't very you use a mould or make it by hand? i would be very grateful for some advice on how to do this.Thanks
I am from the uk and we use 'sable hair' brushes and they are really good, they do not lose any bristles. All cook shops sell them over here but ebay is usually cheaper. I hope this helps
I have only been on cc for a few months but i always save photos i like for inspiration, why else would you want to save them? There are loads of pretty amazing cakes and to be inspired by them i would have thought was an honour,I know i would feel great if somebody wanted to even copy my ideas. I really wouldn't worry. The Way to improve is to look at other peoples cakes and try some new things for your self that you have seen in a pic, that is how i am learning, The...
thank you everybody for your advice,
thank you for the reply, i will go on ebay and have a look on the squires sugar craft website.
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