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Thank you very much, I have just down loaded the whole book.I don't know how I would learn without my cc buddies. You are all Brill....I am going to have some fun doing this.
I want to make different types ( flavours ) of small cakes, for my daughters wedding on May 1st, this year.Can you use store bought cakes that the date of 'use before' is after the date of the wedding, and cover with fondant now. So I can keep them for the 1st May as I am also making the wedding cake and doing the catering.I will upload the picture of the cakes that I would like to do.Not sure if you will understand what I am saying as I don't know how to explain...
Hi, thanks very much, I use trex all the time so thats good. I can use the recipe now.
Does any body have a tutorial on making a Cinderella carraige cake, or how to cover a football shaped cake in fondant.I thought I could use a football shape for the carriage.Thanks
Please could anybody tell me what copha is, there is a recipe for sugar paste that I would like to make, but I have never heard off this.Perhaps they don't sell it in the uk or it has a different name.I would be grateful for any replies. Thanks
please could you tell me what a sps means, Thanks
Thanks everyone for your advice, it has been really helpful. I think what TexasSugar said about family and friends being less likeky to pay is right. I am constantly making cakes for them for nothing or sometimes they give me a few pounds towards the cost. So I doubt they would pay anything near a decent price for them if I went into business. I always put it down to giving me experience because I am not good enough to charge. That is why I have been doing it. I am not...
I have been told by lots of people I know that I should go into business selling my cakes. There is a market for it where I live as it is difficult to find a cake decorator in the town, and since the only shop that sold cakes to order, burned down 2 years ago no other shop has opened.I would love to do this from home, but I am really nervous as I don't think that I am good enough. Family and friends compliment me on my cakes but it still makes me worry.I have no...
I will take all of your advice, use cmc and also I agree putting the decoration on as late as possible when I need them to stand is a good idea. I did put them in an air tight container. So I will try a box next time.Thank you very much for the advice,
I have made some cup cakes for my grandaughter and piped buttercream swirls on top then placed fondant stars in an upright position on top.I made these in the evening and in the morning the stars had dropped flat.Do you have to use cmc in the fondant, or have you any idea why they did not stay upright?Any advice would be really appriciated.Thanks
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