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I will be making a Tiffany Blue cake. Is it possible to get the Tiffany blue colour in paste, if not what colours pastes can i mix to get Tiffany Blue?   Thanks
Hi, I am not 100% sure what you mean, but i add shortening to the paste and use the same ratio as you. I always start any shape for the figure by making a nice smooth ball in my hands first, then it is easy to shape or roll and i don't have problems with cracking or anything. Hope this helps :)¬if_t=photo_comment   The tutorial is for a daffodil, but my friend said the cutter is for another flower?  
HI, I had the same problem and found out by experimenting that I was using to much glue and making it to wet. You only need a tiny amount and wait approx 10 seconds for it to go tacky, works every time for me now. Hope this helps   
I will be adding lots more over the next couple of days   Loads of new tutorials added
I mean sugar/gum paste tutorials, sorry  
What is the best website for tutorials?  There are so many so i thought it would be nice to have some opinions about this subject.
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