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Does anybody have any tutorials on how to make a singapore orchid please, I have tried YouTube and can not find one I have the cutters but no instructions x
If you mix the cmc with vodka instead of water it kills bateria every time you put your brush into it.  
Thank you i will try that x  
It is a pain as i haven't time to make more figures. I used sugarflair flesh colour.  
I have just made a bride and groom using 50/50 modeling paste and fondant (white) I added flesh coloured gel paste. after a couple of days drying the figures went a very pale yellow colour. I have neveer had this problem before. Any ideas why please?
Thank you, i will try hobby craft, never thought of that  
I have to make some dog tags for an army themed wedding cake. Does anybody know what i use to put the names on them, is there some letter embossers or something i could buy? Thanks
Does anybody know where i can find a tutorial for making pokemon figures? Please   There is 100's on there  
Thank you x  
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