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I'm interested in donating a voucher for a 2 tier cake (10" - 8") and I wanted to know if anyone else has done this and how they promoted it. I want it to be clear enough so people know what they're buying tickets for and not sure how to go about it. I planned on including a few pictures of cakes that size I have made, along with the number of servings, flavors available, a value (not sure on a number yet) and an expiration date (How long should I give the person to use...
Is there anyway to thin tube icing? I was going to use the black for scroll work on a cake and its a little thick for my liking.
How do I get this brushed pearly look? It's beautiful and I'm not sure how to achieve the effect. I was thinking pearl dust with alcohol brushed on, but not sure.   
I got sent this picture by my sister friend who is getting married. However she only wants buttercream. I can't tell if this is ribbon, or if it's painted on. I'm thinking it's ribbon but I'm not sure. If anyone has seen this, or has done something similar to this on buttercream, please let me know how you did this!   Thanks in advance!      
I was on Pinterest and came across this tutorial. I was wondering what the silver boards are? They just look like they're covered in fanci foil. Also where can I get these?
I love my turn table from Ikea. http://www .ikea. com/us/en/catalog/products/90074483/   I'm sure there's better options but it's great for large cakes. And cheap too!
So I'm finally getting serious about applying to bakeries in my area. However, a lot of them aren't that local. Some 40+ miles away and to be honest I don't want to drive all the way there just to find out they're not hiring for a decorator. What do you think about using their contact page/email to send my resume(which shows nothing when it comes to baking/decorating) just to see if they're hiring and if I can send some pictures of my work. I just wanted to see what you...
Basically I just need to figure out how to make a lid that can be taken off. I figured out how to put the necklace in it. Now for the lid so she can open it and see the necklace.
Making a cake for my boss' wife's birthday. He wants to buy her a diamond necklace and put it inside the cake. So I showed him the hat box cake and he liked he idea. So now, how to I make it so that He can take the lid off the cake? I was thinking for the top layer of cake to cut out like a 5" circle or the size of a square jewelry box and covering that in fondant so there's a spot for the necklace. Then making the lid out of 2 or 3 cake circles cover the top in fondant...
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