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i use the princess in buttercream sometimes and people really like it.
try using the Melvira method. She uses high density foam rollers on crusting b/c.
add some liquid a tbsp at a time until it comes together. i live in a very dry climate and this recipe comes out dry.
i like the nfsc. it does not spread much and tastes really good. if you live in a dry climate like i do, you may need to add a bit more liquid. i found it to be very dry the first time i made it but it has been really good since.
scp1127thanks, i didnt think to use loranns. zespri, here in canada half and half is about 10% mf in cream. it might be a bit higher elsewhere. i read somewhere that you can use equal parts whole milk and whipping cream to get half and half if you cant find it there.
could someone suggest a substitute for the alcohol? for religious reasons i dont use it.thanks.
imaginethatnj im confused. fine sugar or regular, it will weigh the same. im not sure how you will get more in one cup of one vs the other. if i am wrong, please someone correct the Cake Bible, there is a reference for what everything should weigh. it comes in very handy for those who like to weigh ingredients out.
i have read many posts about ppl putting fondant covered cakes in the fridge all the time. they take the cake out with enough time for the moisture to evaporate off of the fondant. i have also read that you should not touch the fondant until completely dry so as not to get prints on it. hth
thanks everyone. she does make it look easy and i have been wanting to try it for sometime to make roses.
I have seen her youtube videos on making gumpaste and would like to try it. I understand this gumpaste is for using in cutting machines like the Cricut but am wondering if the recipe is ok to use like regular gumpaste for flowers or figurines. Anyone out there have any experience with her gumpaste?Thanks.
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