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thanks for the input. i shall try it this weekend.
thankyou everyone.
so do you sub the sour cream for the milk or water or both?
are you maybe filling the pan too much?
i have the cutters but cant seem to figure out how to get the fondant on straight and with out stretching.
HiI would like to know how this look is achieved. If anyone has done something like this, please share your technique. thanks.
HiFor those of you who use the Hersheys Chocolate Cake recipe, have you ever substituted sour cream for the milk? If so, how was the taste and texture. Did you need to adjust the water amount as well? I love the way this cake bakes and tastes but am wondering if the sour cream will make it just a bit more dense and easier to work with. When I torte it, I some times find it hard to get the layers to hold together without breaking up.thanks
does mixing white into the colored fondant dilute the color any?
i cant find it but there is a forum post about indydebi's buttercream where this is discussed. some have said that you should use 3/4 the amount of high ratio when subbing regular shortening. otherwise it gets too greasy feeling.
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