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i was wondering about this yesterday as a matter of fact. i googled fixodent and cake central and found that some ppl do use this in place of tylose. it was mentioned the main ingredient is the same as well.
i have the 8x2 inch ones and as far as i can tell they work the same as the wilton ones. they look the same as wilton also. i asked about this too and it is their store brand. it looks like they will be replacing stuff more and more with this brand.
im just thinking out loud here but if your recipe is from scratch it may be the baking powder. i read in the cake bible when making larger cakes, you need to adjust the baking powder accordingly because there is a larger surface area.
like i said i have not tried this recipe so i cant tell you if it crusts or not. here is the link i found on youtube. if anyone tries it,please let me know how it goes. taste, texture ease of use.thanks.
i found a recipe similar to what you are talking about on youtube and have not yet tried it. i wondered about smoothing as well and thought about trying the hot spatula method. i read about how lots of ppl smooth smbc/imbc this way and get good results.
we dont have the hersheys cocoa here either. i just use what i can find in the store.
i have the tip book. i think its a great help visually when deciding on what tips to use and what the end result will look like.
it is a tip 1m. and their cupcakes taste really good when you can get your hands on one. they are seriously that busy.
im not sure if i am allowed to post the link but if you search planet cake in google book, they have recipes and pics of how they ice and cover the cake. its worth looking at if you want to try this out.
i have been a member for a little over a year now. i think it is generous of people when they share techniques or post tutorials and are in general helpful. if it were not for this site, i would not know half of what i know about cakes. i read everything i can get my hands on to understand how to do things. i also understand when someone does not want to share how they do something because it has taken much of their time and im sure a lot of trial and error. i absolutely...
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