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you need to have the water just covering the can and not a hard boil. just keep an eye on it and top off the water as it evaporates. it takes about 2 hours for it to completely cook.
i second what cakegirl1973 said.
Yanago to the real canadian wholesale club. they have 50 LB bags there. jade
oh and i also use margarine. butter has a lower melting and will melt and spread the cookie much faster than the margarine.
i use the toll house recipe all the time and i agree with cakesandbakes when it comes to adding a bit more flour. i add just enough more that when i touch the dough my finger does not stick to it. also you said the cookies get crispy around the edges? are you using alum. sheets or non stick. i find using the alum. sheets with the lip(i think its quarter sheet/bun pan) tend to not overcook the edges, where as the flat cookie sheets with no edges will cook your cookies too...
hershey's cake but i have been substituting sour cream for the milk to get more of a dense cake. it still tastes great.
CloetzuI have used the Hershey's recipe for years and love it but always thought it was too moist. I asked here on CC about substituting the milk for sour cream and many say they do it. I finally tried it and feel the texture is more dense and not so moist. I really liked how it came out. Maybe try it with the sour cream and see if you get better results.
when you pour the cream over the chips try using an emersion(stick) blender to mix it. that should work out any lumps.
I agree. She has great instructions on the diaper bag.
Wow. How did we ever get by before cell phones? Also is it me or is being rude and pushy the norm these days. So disrespectful of them. Hopefully they dont call you back. Do you really want to be dealing with them after seeing all that?
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