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you can order it straight from her too. she is very sweet about it. pm me and i will forward the info to you.
they are a member of cc. im sure if you pm they can explain what is used.
calicopurrthey look great. i cant wait to make these. just a question. are the cakes in your pic the recipe from the box or your own?thanks.
i have read some posts on here where ppl freeze batter all the time for cakes. they thaw in the fridge and then pour and bake. they seem to get good results.
linda try searching for the book on the americas test kitchen website. its the same ppl. from what i understand they dont sell their books in stores on online anymore except for the americas test kitchen website. at least its that way here in canada.
maybe use buttercream and smooth the best you can and the use the Melvira method. small dense roller and they come as small as 2 inches.
i recall reading a post on cc where a small amount of vinegar was added and that stops the icing from cracking. i think a tsp. i will try looking it up and post it.
i was looking to buy the cricut cake because of this software only. i find cricut products to be very expensive and limiting as is. i guess i will have to research another cutter.
is this the one you are looking for?
Mb20fani have been trying for sometime to find a website or email at least for her but come up with nothing. if you have that info could you pm me? i live in canada and would like to contact her to see if she will ship all the way up here. i would order through global sugar art but there are so many steps and handling fees involved before they even ship it out.
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