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I would like to know as well.
i dont mean to hijack this topic but ucbc does the ci recipe pipe well? im thinking a swirl of it on a cupcake with a tip 1m. 3/4 c of corn syrup seems like it would make the buttercream very thin.thanks.
Im not sure if it has been asked but after searching high and low for bettercream the only thing i could find here in Canada is Richs Whip topping. has anyone used this? The directions say to thaw and then whip. My concern is if it is as stable as the bettercream seems to be. thanks.
this might be the link to the cream cheese version that you are looking for. go to page 2 and you should see the recipe.
i just got the clikstix groovy letters/numbers and cant wait to use them.
do you mean sticking to the cupcake tin? if so try spraying the top of the tin with cooking spray before adding the liners and filling. also i use the hersheys choc cake recipe but sub out the milk for sour cream.
I wondered the same thing about Billys Vanilla Vanilla cupcake recipe. I baked it into a cake this weekend and have to say it baked up great. Its very strudy too thanks to the 4 eggs in the recipe .
i have watched the videos but cant seem to figure what kind of cake boards/drums she uses. any ideas? her comment on youtube is they are timber covered with foil but im not sure what that is. im more interested in the big one she used to secure the little one on to.
Soapy_Hopiewhen you say you add an extra egg, is it to the hersheys or wasc recipe. i will be making a wedding cake with the hersheys recipe and always sub sour cream for the milk but i would like a cake that is a bit more firm.thanks.
wilton has some good serving size charts on their site
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