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when reheating it how do i heat without melting the ganache on the outer edges and still have hard ganache in the middle. it made for a really lumpy consistancy of ganache. i had to completely liquify it, let it cool some and use it semi soft . thanks for the tips. i will try them out.
I made ganache to cover a cake this weekend and before starting I researched like mad what I needed to do. Things went well until it set. I used the microwave technique in slowly heating up the cream and chocolate. I mixed really well and there were no lumps. I used dark chocolate that was 52% cocoa butter and cream that was 33 mf. I did 2 to 1 ratio and used a scale to measure. I let it rest over night and the next day the ganache was really really hard not a soft peanut...
some of you mentioned the Michele Foster recipe. I found 2 different ones. Which do you use?
So if it has been in the freezer do we need to thaw it out before adding fondant or can fondant be applied to the cake right out of the freezer.
HiI baked a vanilla cake today in an 8 inch round, 3 inch high pan. The pan was sprayed with baking spray and then the bottom and sides covered in parchment. I also used a flower nail and bake even strips. i baked at 325 and buy the time the cake was done in the centre, the sides and bottom were more than done.Can anyone out there maybe suggest something where the cake will bake more even throughout.Thanks.
i had the same question on the bettercreme fun post but got no answer, so maybe someone out there will have some info for us.
that makes sense, thanks. i will try it. i really want this to work.
do you put the sponge on top of the fondant and roll or push in the fondant with the sponge?
hibelow is a link to a cream cheese version of her buttercream.
I recently purchased the global design mold from Wilton and cant seem to get the darn thing to work. My designs come out either double printed or not so clean around the edges. I use fondant and add tylose to it so its not so soft. The one I have the most difficultly with is the border on the bottom of the mold. Maybe I am not applying the fondant correctly or should I use gumpaste or a mix of both.If anyone out there uses this or any other mold and has some suggestions I...
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