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HiI read somewhere on CC directions about using 3 oz cups inside of 5 oz cups for cupcake bouquets so they hold up better. At the time I did not save it and now I cant seem to remember where that was. If someone knows can you please let me know. thanks,Jade
I may have missed it somewhere along the line but any ideas on where I can get my hands on 6x powdered sugar here in Canada?
HiI would like to know how to make pleats in fondant and buttercream. Any ideas or does anyone know if there are tutorials on CC? I read somewhere that Tonedna did a tutorial in the CC magazine but unfortunately I cant get it where I am. Thanks.
I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to ice a cake with whipped ganache. Is it the same as icing a cake with buttercream? Does it smooth like buttercream? I have never tried it before and would like some idea how before I attempt it. Also I assume a basic whipped ganache recipe would be what I use.thanks.
HiCan someone tell me what the method for bake even strips would be for a 3 inch high pan? The strips fit just right on the 2 inch pans but for the 3 pinch do i just wrap it around the bottom of the pan or do I use 2 to cover the entire side?Thanks,Jade
Maybe its the thought of eating shortening all together vs butter that is at least real.
Can someone please explain why some buttercreams crust and others dont. How should I know the difference when looking at buttercream recipes. I am looking for a buttercream that crusts but is made with real butter and not Crisco. Thanks,Jade8
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