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I am always in awe of her cakes and how perfect they are. Those shell borders are amazing. Now if only she would put out a dvd of how to make her creations, that would make my day.
Hi everyone   After hearing so much about how americolor gel colors are so good, I went ahead and picked up a bottle of each color available. The problem I am having is getting colors right. I see so many bright and bold colors and wonder how its done. I use Fond X fondant and the color fades down to almost nothing in a matter of hours after adding color. when using the colors in buttercream(all butter) the colors are always off. I tried making a nice light pink and...
i always use the hersheys recipe with no problem. i do however use sour cream in place of the milk to make it a bit more sturdy. i also use bake even strips to make sure the the cake bakes evenly.
search antonia74 royal icing. easy to make and work with.
this is as close as i have been able to find the book. hope it helps.
someone else posted about this and the link is below. i always sub sour cream for the milk and make adjustments to the bp and bs. i use flower nails and cake strips and get no sinking. i did try adding the sugar in the end once and the cake came out more like dense brownies than the cake texture i am used to with this recipe.
i think it was helipops who had a tutorial on her blog but that link is no longer working. maybe someone out there saved them and can share.
i want to say its the leavening agent. maybe too much seeing as there is already bp in the mix.
i know this is a very old post but for those of you who weigh flour do you also weigh the sugar? if so how much do you consider to be a cup? it is not really mentioned in any of the responses. thanks
hii tried searching but nothing came up, has anyone tried sugarshacks buttercream recipe with all butter? if so, how did it turn out? also if you do make it with butter do you simply replace the amount of butter for the shortening called in the recipe?thanks.
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