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I Found most of my stuff on ebay, there are a lot of caking goodies on there for super great prices. I have found my airbrush system which I bought on ebay for $50.00 from a retired baker to be my most valuable purchase. I can turn a simple cake into something really special, and a sculpted cake into a work of art with 10 min. and my airbrush. Definitely check out ebay for everything from cake pans to ingredients! Good for you for taking the right steps with the...
I did a similar cake and oddly enough I never saw this pic before. In my area it would go for 250.00 -300.00
I have tried a number of times on both my PC and Apple to download the magazine it's not working. When I contact CC I keep getting a failure notice.I'd really like the download especially not knowing if the hard copy is coming or not. Did your download work?Frustrated
Red, little purple and a tiny bit of black.
Spaghetti does work but it is much more fragile than toothpicks. If you do use toothpicks cut the tips off and definitely warn your client with a little note on your contract. If contract s signed send an email so you have proof that you communicated this info. Most people will not eat the characters anyway unless there are children present, or alcohol involved they usually end up on someone's trash or on their shelf. I have a little old lady that has some birds I made...
red, brown and a little orange ought to do it. Those are the colors I used to make St. Basils Cathedral/ Kremlin. Play around with those three colors hth
I would start with 4 iced and stack 1/4 sheet cakes, freeze overnight and start carving in the morning. Looks fairly simple you want to use rkt for the arms, you'll have a little more flexibility when placing the arms. hth
I have had the black bleeding disaster myself, nightmare! I think the main reason that happens is freezing or refrigerating and having the condensation make the icing bleed. I would wait til the cupcakes are room temp before putting on the decoration.
No just through the cake and styrofoam, styrofoam attched to cake drum using double side tape, probably could use ri too.
I use Merckens and love them. They are cheaper than wiltons when bought in bulk through ebay.
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