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Just like madgeowens said. My favorite is still RI, not sure why but it's simple to make and we always have to make it anyways, so ... hahaBut yeah, piping gel, water or RI will work. Water is easiest if you don't wanna make anything or buy piping gel.Just make sure not to put too much so it slips off.
How about covering the entire "box" with MMF like you had originally planned. Then when you go to place the details on the cake, bow, things like that, place the strip around the top like in the image above. If you can get it tight enough to the previous MMF layer, it will look very nice and can even give a two-tone look to the box, which I love.You don't need RI there, but I would suggest it just in case.
Royal Icing, piping gel, etcRI is probably your best bet and will dry the quickest
We've used sturdy cardboard or foam board as well. I agree with cupcakers with the styrofoam. But if you want it a bit "thinner" i would use foam board.
Lindo! Thank you for sharing, these are wonderful!
The same thing applies, regardless, the problem is that the buttercream was too cold and did not "catch" the ganache. As long as you don't chill it, it should be fine. You can try it on some cupcakes first if you give yourself an idea of what it might be like
Italian Meringue Butter Cream, Swiss Meringue Butter Cream
If you're going to pour ganache over a cake, make sure it's not chilled. Think about it like this, what would happen if you were to pour ganache over an ice sculpture or better yet, a giant bouncy ball? It would most likely just fall off. The ganache needs to hug some kind of surface and by chilling the cake you are inhibiting that surface from "catching" the ganache. Does that make sense? To be honest, I didn't even think of it until you had said something. I'm...
I say make your own cake! My 21st is coming up in a little under a month and while I am not home (I'm working in a different state for the summer), I am making my cake and no one can stop me. Some of the people around here asked what kind of cake I wanted and I already said to not worry about it and I was going to take care of it. I would normally feel bad about that but sorry, it's my birthday, I'm making my own damn cake. If they want to do something, take care of...
I've seen it at Kroeger, Stop N Shop, Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, etc
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