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Thank you very much for your help!
I have had a wedding cake request for a cake with a chocolate tier and a red velvet tier. Does anyone have any "tried and true" recipies for a chocolate and a red velvet cake? It needs to be able to support fondant, 2 other layers of cake and a 2 hour transport. If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!!!!
Best Purchase: Lustre Spray by PME sugar craft is one of my favorite products because it takes cakes from "something is missing" to "it is finished"Worst Purchase: Fat Daddos Dual Action Airbrush sprayer. The black end of the sprayer fell off (needs to be taped on now) wthin the first 3 uses. I am sure to clean it very well and it always seems to be plugged.
I use Cake Boss 2010 to help with pricing. It is a very cool program to have on your computer. It has many, many, many useful tools! is the website for the software - check it out!!
I have a request to make a marble wedding cake. All of the marble cake recipes I have are not sturdy enough to use for a wedding cake. Does any one have any ideas? Would I be able to stick with my usual butter cake recipe and simply add cocoa and chocolate extract to half of the batter?
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