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I am doing my first Purse Cake this week and my client is VERY specific in requesting louis vuitton. I am very nervous! Anyone have any pointers? Suggestions for the little details and logo imprinting? Please help!
It has been a long time since I did a beer bottle cake and for some reason cant remember the technique used to get the bottle look. What do I think the food coloring down with? Any help? Also, I am in Dallas. Does anyone know where in Dallas to get an edible image? I usually have to get them from AIOBS in Austin. Thank you everyone!!!
What I have noticed happening when sculpting with fondant and hoping it will dry is that, unless you dry it out fast, that tends to happen. Because the moisture inside breaks through the crunchy outside layer. Id say put some tylose in it to harden it or another neat trick is to put it in the oven for a few days. NO HEAT just the pilot will dry it out quicker. Sorry to hear your cute figure is cracking! Hope this helps
Modeling chocolate and fondant are a completely different look than floral wire in my opinion, although in some applications it too can be gorgeous. I made a cake with cherry blossoms and used floral wire, I dont typically have a preference on guage of floral wire. The trick is making little bases to attach the flowers to. You create a short stem with the gumpaste and form it into a cup. Seperately, you create the flowers. Paint it all seperately with petal dust. ...
I vote for Americolor Electric pink. Its amazing! Plus americolor is my favorite coloring gel I have ever found for staying true to what the bottle shows
You have to be careful with shortening on fondant, as it will become a part of the fondant and can melt it or make it less stable. I know it isnt convenient but the easiest way to get a sheen finished look is to either airbrush with a mixture of vodka and luster dust or paint a little of that on. If painting, go easy on it. The idea is not to have too much excess moisture. Good luck! I am making a thomas the train cake soon, very excited
I wish I could help you. That looks very intense. Im guessing a lot of his limbs are rice crispy treats. Or veryvery dense cake. Good luck!
I just had someone ask me to make a "belly cake" . a cake made to look like a 3D torso of a pregnant woman, for a baby shower. It looks like it will be somewhat easy, just time consuming. But she wants it in two days! Dumdumdummmm. Anyway, any suggestions? How to get the dome shape? And also, it has a dress on it with fondant and lots of draping....Ive never done that. Please help!!!!
My advice to you is to use a very stable buttercream. Something like a crusting buttercream would be good for the summer, or wiltons buttercream recipe works very well. You dont want a swissbuttercream, although delicious, because they dont hold up as well! Also, I dont necessarily think fondant is the most stable during summer, although it is beautiful. But if that is what you decide on definately buy premade fondant! Satin ice is absolutely delicious, great to work...
kiddiekakes,to make your buttercream crust you can add powdered sugar, this will give it a royal icing kind of affect although not as hard. Or you can always put it in the freezer til the icing sets up then do your airbrush work. The only thing with that is their will be some moisture from the freezing process you have to be careful with.
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