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So, I have had my Atec pastry bag for a while. I always wash it immediately after finishing decorating and dry it well. Today I took it put and noticed a funny smell!! I washed it again and the weird smell is still there, any ideas what it could be???
So I just got a cupcake and centerpiece cake request!! They will be made into magical "Allie in wonderland" theme and I was curious what everyone's favorite fondant is? In keep using Wilton, but I feel there must be something better out there!
i would like to try a guava recipe for cupcakes, but don't really find any good recipes.......anybody have one? Thanks!!!!
You can not put fondant in the fridge, it absorbs the moisture and get "sweaty" and very gooey!!!!!
So I went to another website for a recipe for Black Forest cupcakes for a charity bake sale, they came terrible!!!!!! They take great, but the cherries sank to the bottom, making them hard to eat! Just venting, I guess I have learned not to venture off a website that has great bakers, sharing wonderful recipes!!!!
I thought the flavor was just me (and DH) but now that I see the MFF recipe, I think that I will try that instead!!! Can you let it rest for more than 6 hours (or overnight) like if I made it tomorrow for a cake on saturday?
ok, I have made a few cakes and they have turned out great....the problem is that Wilton fondant tastes weird!!! I am making a cake for saturday, it's a saturday night live theme and I want to make a spartan cheerleader cake!! What could I use to finish the cake besides wilton, Marshmallow fondant? Last time I made it fron scratch is was so sticky that I could barely do anything with it!!!!! Any ideas or a good MMF recipe would be great!!!!
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