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I agree they look like molds to me. They are gorgeous though..if anyone does know I would be interested in getting them. 
Yes Banana buttercream could work as well that way you have no issues with needing it to go in the fridge. 
If you want a banana flavor to your filling and be light and fluffy. Why not try banana pudding with heavy cream? It will mix together and be light and fluffy. it will need to in the fridge but it won't spoil like regular bananas do. You can even add maybe half a banana to the mix for more banana flavor but like stated above any fruit filling needs to be in the fridge period. 
Like everyone else said you did everything right! Just go back and add in the flavoring. I don't get the curdle stag either..I leave my butter out for a awhile so its not cold and I don't add the butter until the bowl is room temp again after heating up the egg whites and sugar so I don't see curdle at all now when I make it. 
You are right with the discoloration. You can maybe make up the cake pop mix early and freeze that then dipped them with the straws closer to the party... You can also make your cake pop mix with butter instead of oil and that will help with discoloration on the straws. 
I don't make mine anymore.. I used to..working full time now I don't have the time to make cakes and fondant from scratch.. so I use Satin Ice for cakes..Wilton for decorative pieces (dries hard) and I love Fondx..its really nice and they offer a lot of flavors. 
I  only use fondant as well. It can be flavored and you can do some techniques that you can't with royal icing plus there is no drying time which I love. I use my cookie cutters too to cut out the basic shape and then add in the detail. 
$50 for the cupcakes and $80 for the cake.
That is what it is.. a styrofoam wedge underneath the cake. I have seen it done on other cakes before.. 
I just purchased it from my local cake store last week. I used it for some decorated sugar cookies and the taste was pretty good.. in cookies it kind of hits you at the end but the flavor is nice.
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