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Oftentimes this question comes up on here. The price of cookies, cupcakes, and other decorated baked goods will vary from one city/state to another city/state. In New York City the price of decorated cookies will be significantly higher than other places with a lower cost of living and less competition. My suggestion would be to check prices of cookie decorators and bakeries in your area to see what the going rates are.
Most of the people I know, including myself, would never buy homemade food from strangers on the internet.
I made chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate mousse filling.
I've had the same thing happen to me more than once. I just added more butter and it was fine.
Bed, Bath, and Beyond is always sending out mailers with 20% off coupons.
Here's a video on how to stencil cookies.
Break up the cake into small pieces and add it to ice cream.
I wanted to sprinkle some colored sugar on top of my butter cookies before I baked them and forgot. Can I do it now using piping gel as the 'glue' to hold the sugar on?
Yummy! That sounds delicious.
Here's one way to add glass windows.
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