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While you shouldn't have any problems, TSA issued a statement saying they MIGHT open wrapped packages for further inspection. Make sure your cookies are in boxes or containers that can be opened and re-closed easily without ruining them and if you're going to wrap them, wait until you get to your destination to do that. (Scroll down to Holiday Travel Tips)"Food items such as pies and cakes are permitted but may require...
I'm making a honey cake and would like recommendations as to what flavor icings would compliment the honey flavor. I was thinking of a lemon buttercream. What do you think?
What recipe are you using? I have never had that happen to me.
@Pasquerto,I sent you a PM. Just want to make sure you got it as I've been getting error messages due to the site upgrade.
Here is my list for a cookie decorating class I'm doing in 3 weeks. I'm bringing the cookies pre-baked so my list will be far shorter than yours but you may see something on my list that you forgot to add to yours.Plastic wrap/ Ziploc bags/trash bag ScissorsWax paper for sugaringPaper towelsIcing/Icing colors (red, white, blue, yellow)Red, opal sugarSilver dragees/Snowflakes/sanding sugarTemplates and training materialsStarter kits(pastry bags, couplers, tips, meringue...
If you're looking for festive cupcake boxes, cookie boxes, treat bags and other holiday packaging check out I just ordered their gingerbread house treat boxes.
I am teaching a cookie decorating class next month. I printed off practice templates from karenscookies. net and laminated them. The participants can then take wipe them clean and re-use them at home.I'm charging $30 for a 2 hour class, however, I'm having it at a friends restaurant and that price includes lunch.
I have been using the same rolled sugar cookie recipe (No Fail Sugar Cookies) for years and sometimes air bubbles form when they are baked. What causes them and how can I prevent them?
I'm pretty sure all of us here have had the same experience when we first started. As a matter of fact, even experienced bakers will still have projects go wrong when we try new recipes or decorating techniques. Don't give up. Try to determine why your cookies didn't come out the way they should have. By coming here and asking questions, I hope you find the answers. It might have been the recipe you used or maybe they weren't baked long enough. Then try again.
I agree with KatsSuiteCakes. I only use real chocolate for candy melts unless I need color detailing. I'll either use chocolate morsels or baking bars. The baking bars tend to melt a little thinner than morsels. To thin the morsels, I add a little bit of shortening.
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