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It started out lumpy so I added one more drop of vodka and now it's streaking.
I use Hershey's Special Dark cocoa and it makes a big difference.
Assuming they signed a confidentiality agreement, you wouldn't know if an employee posted your recipes online under an anonymous name. Since recipes cannot be copyrighted, you would have a hard time proving it was them.
A few years ago I sent out a tweet asking for a good black and white cookie recipe. A well-known bake shop in New York responded back saying they couldn't give me THEIR recipe but they could, and did, give me a link to a recipe they thought was very good. The link led to Martha Stewart's recipe and it was very good. I would suggest saying the same thing.
I make this meringue powder buttercream. It hardens like royal but tastes like buttercream.
I live in Bucks County and have checked with the Southampton Community Center. They rent their kitchen but it's not cheap. $25 per hour if you live in Upper Southampton Township, $35 per hour if you don't.Try checking with large churches. Most of them have licensed kitchens and might be willing to rent it out when not in use.
The owner of the restaurant I held it in gave me access to her customer e-mail lists and she posted it on her Facebook page. She also posted a flyer by the cash register and put flyers in the bags of all of the take out orders. One of her customers who received the flyer posted it in the hospital she works at.
Was your butter softened to room temperature? It sounds like it may have been too cold.
I'm not too far from Holland. I live in Yardley but most of my immediate family lives in Richboro.
Other than piping gel, what else can I use to attach sugar sheets to cookies? Would a royal icing glaze work without ruining the sheet?
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