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Does anyone know what tip was used to create this buttercream ruffle?
Anyone have a good recipe to make wheat free/gluten free flour? I have seen all kinds of combinations but wondered if anyone has one that works well in cakes and cookies. Also, I noticed that some recipes call for Xantham gum or Guar gum. I have never seen this in stores. Are there good online sources to buy this?
But CakeryBakery would have to prove she owns the copyright to the picture and unless it was registered there is no proof. Without proof the other person could claim it was their picture and CakeryBakery stole it from them. I know this as I took someone to court over something similar and I won. I owned the copyright to a manual, someone posted more than 30% of it online word for word. I sued. I won.
It should be common courtesy to give credit to the owner of the picture. But, unless your picture was actually registered with the US copyright office, you would have a hard case to prove as they could claim it was their picture first.I have had personal experience in this with a training manual I wrote.
I also live in Bucks County and can tell you that if you live in a neighborhood that is part of an "association" you will have to abide by their bylaws in addition to township laws.
Can candy clay be made with real chocolate or can it only be made with candy coating?
Cake and cookie pricing seems to be a very popular topic on these forums and rightly so. It takes a lot of thought to determine how much someone would and should pay for our baked goods, especially since we put so much time and expense into making them.When someone asks how much they should charge for an XYZ cake, responses from other forum members should be taken with a grain of salt unless they live in the same area. I live 90 minutes away from New York City. An XYZ...
I don't live in the UK but there are many here who do and may be able to answer your questions. Read through the posts here and you will learn plenty about the cake decorating business as a whole.
I use either Royal Icing or a Meringue Buttercream.
Hi Supershifter,I rarely use boxed cake mix for cupcakes because the outside overbakes and the inside isn't done enough.
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