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I use a toothpick.
Over the weekend I used the tiny gem mold.  I tried to use a parchment cone to pour the isomalt into the mold with no luck.  The tip kept clogging.  I finally used a toothpick with success.
This thread is over a year old but I was wondering if it was the oven that caused this or if you found another reason.  I have the same problem with my cakes not rising.  I've even tried different recipes and still having the problem.
I've had cookies last up to two weeks when wrapped well.
Thank you.
I'm trying to make a figure from fondant that will dry hard.  I read somewhere to add tylose to the fondant but the source didn't give a ratio of how much to add.  I will probably using about a pound of fondant.
I have done the Facebook ads off and on for the past few months.  I did get a lot of new likes but no new business. Someone liking your page doesn't always equate to new business.  
I have to make a cookie bouquet with 9 large cookies. Can anyone recommend some good websites on cookie bouquets? I know how to make the cookies but I'm looking for help on how to wrap tissue paper around them and package them and any other ideas.
Thanks for the replies.
I don't know if this has been asked yet but do states have the same requirements to bake dog biscuits and other dog treats as they do for baking for humans? I live in Pennsylvania. Anyone have experience with this?
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