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LOVE the blog! It's great! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to try the JELLO method
Red red, Christmas red, No taste red? Which works best?
I need help! What is the easiest way to make true RED fondant? I'm looking for Elmo red. I need EXACT instructions and amounts of color per batch of mm fondant please. Thank You!!
I have a B+W Damask wedding cake for July and had questions about piping the black icing onto the cake... Royal icing is best for piping onto fondant right?? What's the best way to make TRUE black royal icing?How far ahead of time can I pipe the detail work onto the cake with out the color bleeding or discoloring..? So many questions!!Thanks so much for taking the time to help!
I had no idea the typical 'sheet cake' insinuated that there is no filling!! Learn something new everyday! I absolutely was planning on filling and similarly decorating the Kitchen Cakes The cake will be given as a gift because the bride to be is a great friend of mine ANOTHER QUESTION- How far ahead of time can I pipe my black detail onto the white fondant? jw..
Thanks for your tips!! The wedding is actually a large wedding of 250 attending the reception! This means sheet cakes for me!! I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing the top 2 tiers dummy cakes and have several sheet cakes including the bottom 14'' layer.Where do I buy the square Styrofoam for the cakes??
HELP! Ok.. I have a 3 tiered wedding cake for July that I will need to travel 7 hrs to get to WITH the cake. I'm planning on baking, filling, frosting and fondant covering a 14'', 10'' and 6'' and transporting them in separate boxes. I'm just now questioning the use of dummy cakes. I've never done them before but I figure for transport it would make things MUCH easier. The bride doesn't mind either way. COMMENTS/ SUGGESTIONS..? DUMMY CAKE(S) for the top 2 tiers??Thanks!!
I purchased the 7 piece set (ranging from 4''- 14'') off of the FD website for $98 including shipping. Not a bad deal. I can't wait to try them so I can reply back!
Wow. Thanks so much for the replies!! I went with Fat Daddio's square pan set in the 2'' depth ( Magic Line was sold out of the sizes I needed) I and figure since I prefer a 4'' height- it should be perfect. I also had concerns about the extended cooking time for the 3''- thanks for clearing that up for me!
I was hired to make a wedding cake for July but It will be my first square wedding cake... I need to purchase the pans!! I was looking into Magic Line and Fat Daddio's 14'', 10'' and 6'' - but I have NO CLUE what would be the better investment- 2'' deep or 3''? Experienced bakers comment only! HELP
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