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Those lights will give off a lot of heat. I found that out when I put a cake in the microwave just to store for a while & had the light under on. (Microwave over the range) It got really warm in there! Good Luck with the cake.
Same here guys! The one copy I got reminded me more of a coffee table book of beautiful cakes. Not at all what I was hoping for.
The cake is beautiful! And the grooms cake too! You are obviously very talented, (I looked at your photos, that jungle cake, wow!) Anyway what I was trying to say is, give yourself a break you can't have perfection all the time! Go ahead & eat the M&M's, but as a reward.
Sorry bakescupcakes, I don't agree that because the cake was tasty makes it at all ok. You can't see taste in the photos that everyone will be showing! Even if it was the best tasting cake ever, people will always say "Remember that leaning cake at so-in-sos' wedding, that sure was good" And although I feel for the OP, you get your experience doing freebie cakes for family & friends, not for paying clients at major events. I'm a newbie myself & there are times I toy with...
Thanks cmom for asking & luvbuttercream for the answer, I was wondering the same thing!
1. How long have you been decorating cakes? I'm a newbie, 6 months!!2. How many cakes do you make a week or a month? About 4 or 5 a month. Also do cupcakes. This is still just a hobby. 3. Who do you most admire as a cake decorator? The great folks on this site who don't mind helping out by sharing their talents! KHalstead, Indideby, Sharon Sugarshack are a few who have helped me out!4. What type of buttercream are you using? Lately Sugarshack's. 5. How do you level your...
How cute! Do you mind sharing how much you charge for these?
I'm thinking the MOB could have used a better choice of words, but how tacky would it look for you to slam her in front of friends & family at her daughter's shower? Plus that's 50 potential clients there who don't know about the comment. Take the high road and let it slide for sake of your friendship with the groom.
I have a nephew extremely allergic to eggs & need a tried & true recipe! Any suggestions?
I just made my first batch of mini cupcakes and I've got to say, seems like such a waste of time, liners & batter! I've been making cupcake bouquets with standard sizes and thought I'd give the minis a try since I saw a few photos and comments. It's hard to tell from the photo how small they really are! Am I missing something? What do you who make them use them for?
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