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Does your sister have a friend with a little girl around the same age as your niece? Maybe you could make it a party and all bake together at the friend's house?
 I know it's too late for this but had it been me, I would have gone back regardless of the groom's wishes. If my reputation was on the line, and there was even a possibility the cake could have fallen, I'd want to know what was going on. Had you arrived and the cake had been moved, you could have shown evidence of that with your pictures, and you'd be clear. If, however, there was any kind of problem with the cake or structure, you could have dealt with it right then and...
I use Fondarific on cookies all the time. It works very well. It gets firm enough to package them, but soft enough to be pleasing when eaten. I attach with a glaze made of confectioners' sugar, water, and flavoring to match the cookie. I've never had anyone not like them, but I also don't make a big deal of them being fondant covered, either.
Virginia has an ICES chapter.   I've made great cake friends by becoming involved in my chapter.
Sometimes. But if I don't want to, I just string them along, telling them I'll email it to them. They rarely ask twice. Most of the time, people are asking just as a form of flattery and an have no intention of ever making the item, anyway.
You'll be fine!
I agree with JWinslow, your skills are beyond amateur. If there are links to pictures from past shows, it would be beneficial to look at the those to see how you compare to others in the different categories.
Yes, absolutely check with the show's organizers about what division to enter. I was the chair of our local cake show for the past two years. If you asked me that question, I would have you do the next division up, since you started in 2011, even if you didn't make that many cakes during that time.   As for tips, read the rules really carefully. Make sure your work is as clean and neat as possible. Use as many techniques as you can and still have an appealing design....
Try reducing the sugar a bit, just a tablespoon per cup.   The Colorado ICES Chapter has a Facebook group. You may have some luck there.
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