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I do what Sakura Blossom does.  You should make a cake this week and try freezing some rolled balls and freeze some fully decorated cake pops, thaw both and see what works best for you. 
Floral foam from the Dollar Store, and put shredded paper around the top to hide the foam.  If the foam doesn't stay in place, put wadded up tissue paper around the sides to make everything stable.
I just put them in a bakery box.  If I stack them, I put tissue or nice napkins in between the layers, and try to arrange them so that they are not on top of each other, but the cake pops lay on the sticks.
I like Guittard as well.  If you're near a Hobby Lobby, their brand, Make N Mold is really good....the white color melts in the large bag.  If you don't have access to paramount crystals, you can thin the chocolate with shortening.  However, Guittard white and Make N Mold in white usually don't need to be thinned.
My cake pops start at $1.75 each, which are simple round cake pops with sprinkles.  Shapes or pops that require a lot of decoration start at $2.50.  I live in a depressed area.  People in the larger town up the road an hour charge more.  The amount of cake and ingredients are usually comparable to a cupcake. 
I use shortening or paramount crystals to thin my chocolate.  It sounds like you might be getting your chocolate too hot when you reheat it.  During the dipping process, occasionally reheat your chocolate at 50% power in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Also, try using different containers to heat your chocolate.  Glass, ceramic, silicone, plastic all react to heat differently when you put them in the microwave and can affect how your chocolate reacts.   As far as...
I live in central California, and I thought the whole process was super easy.  However, I was one of the first people to get a permit in my county, so it may be a little more difficult now. 
I make and sell cake pops only, not cakes.  I don't use a lot of frosting in mine because I don't like the texture if they are too "mushy".  I used to have this problem, and after I did a lot of research it seemed that the problem was with the oil in the actual cake.  I now make my cakes with half the oil the recipe calls for, and I now never have this problem.  Also, different flavors of cake seem to do this more than others.
Thank you!
Is Picassa a phone app only, or can you put it on a computer?  
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