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I am using brown sugar as sand and fondant shells on the cake
I am making a cake for a 20th wedding anniversary with a beach theme. Any ideas on what I can use as a cake stand that is beach related? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Can someone please tell me how to make gumpaste coral for a beach theme cake?
Does anyone know what colors to mix to achieve MAUVE color?
I am making a basket full of flowers for a farewell party.THe basket will be a 9'' round cake . I am placing the basket on a bigger rectangular cake.How can I decorate the lower cake? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
I need suggestions on a filling for pumpkin cake, other than the traditional cream cheese filling.Can someone share a good one please?
Look under Bowling ball in the search section. It should b there.
Puedes ir a Brenda's Cake. 2627 Boggy Creek Road, Kissimmee. Tel. 407-344-1214
I need ideas for a cake for a massage therapist, plase.
How do I place fabric ribbons on buttercream cakes , and how do I avoid ending up with a greasy ribbon?
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