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It will be different,but pretty.
Search "Fire" OR "Flames " in this site.
To avoid not having enough time to fix a mistake,I usually deliver the cake about 4 hours before the ceremony is to start. Sorry this happened to you. I hope that the bride understands and not make a big issue of it'.
I would suggest to make a drawing of everything she wants on the cake, so she can see how unappealing it will look and not elegant at all.
You have talent. Now it is just a matter of practice, practice, practice until you make perfection!!
How can I achieve a stained glass look on a lamp cake? Thanks in advance for yor help.
How do I make a movie strip with pictures on it for a movie themed party?
You can go to the Galleries section and type Headphones and see many ideas to make a headphone cake.
For how long can I freeze cake batter?
Thanks everyone. Great ideas!
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