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Can any one tell me which cake artist(s) were featured in the newest issue of Cake Central Magazine, Volume 3 Issue 5? Specifically in the Lemon and Green Wedding cake section. Thank you, Laurie
Yes, those are the recipes!!! I'm not sure why my search didn't pull them up. Thank you bonus and CarolWI
I recently saw a recipe for a Mountain Dew cake and Mountain Dew frosting. I can't find the recipes now. Does anyone know where I can find it?
Thank you for your comment and suggestions. Since this photo was taken, I have purchased a good camera ( still getting the hang of it though) But you can definatly tell which cakes were taken with my old camera phone. I do agree that I need to get a better back drop. Thanks again for the advice
I thought that this came out really well. I was very happy with the witch. I entered this cake in a contest here on CC and no one even commented, good or otherwise.
Modeling chocolate would be perfect for making branches. But like Leah_s said, Tootsie rolls work fabulous too. To make them pliable, I either knead them a bit with my hands until they have softened. Or, I have put them in the microwave for like 3-5 seconds, then check them. You might have to do this a couple of times. Just be very careful, they can get hot in the middle very quickly.
Have you thought about using modeling chocolate? You can make your own and it is very easy. There are some good recipes here on CC.
Is there anyway to prevent dyed fondant from bleeding into piping gel? I am making a pond and I need to place some fondant figurines on top of the gel itself. In the past when I have made a water feature and have placed some dyed fondant on piping gel, the color seeps into the gel surrounding the particular item. Thank you in advance for any suggestions/ tips.
How does pricing work if you have a request for a cake (fondant) that serves about 100 people, but they want sheet cakes (buttercream) to feed another 100 people? Do you price out the actual cake per serving and the sheet cakes per serving to get a total. Or, do you just go off of the total servings?
Please help. I need to find a flavorful buttercream recipe. The ones that I have tried are way to sweet like the Wiltons butttercream recipe. Or, another one that I have tried was a french style buttercream. (Where you cook water an sugar and slowly pour in a merainge, then slowly add in the butter.) This came out tasting very bland and left a greasy feeling in everyones mouth. So if anyone has a great receipe please let me know. Thanks
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