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Hi kimmycat,I would highly recommend sugar sheets..... Michaels just got this new product from Wilton. They make carving out letters so much easier.
Wow, That is the smoothest and most well blended black fondant I have ever seen. I'll have to try that.
I found that asking a local bakery for a simple label type image... they could not help me out. I was wanting to make a cake for a work pot luck. I work for a large well known corp. and they said no way. Copyright infringement laws.
hey josweets,I'm sure Rick will not mind... This is what I'll be using for my Monster truck cake I'm making next month. Just make the dowels a little higher and build the dirt hill (cake) up around it. So far that's my plan. Post your finished cake here, I'd like to see it.
Hi everyone... New to the boards, Is there anyone in or around Orange County CA. willing to print an image and charge me for it. My local cake shop will not print a copyrighted image. My plan was to make a get well cake for my wife who recently had surgery. The idea I came up with was to make a can of campbell's soup with a couple of 6" inch stacks wrapped in fondant (red velvet) and the only thing I could think of was to get an edible image for the front with the classic...
Hey all...Could this be what you are looking for, Laura from you tube uses this cool technique.
Wow, Wow, Wow! I just love tutorials... beautiful work.
Beautiful cake stand.
I don't think I'm looking for praise...I just enjoy sharing what I have learned, and how my progress is coming along as an amateur cake artist.
Hi cksmm5,Laurapoopie on you tube has a cool SB cake she posted...she wasn't too happy with it but I think it was pretty cool...At the end of the vid she has a few snapshots... kind of step by step.hope it's ok to post...
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