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if it is a little over 60, it wont matter, as long as it feeds 60.   I live in Canada. I'm not a beginner or awesome at it. But i can do piping and decorations.
I am making a wedding cake for a family member in a couple weeks and need some help.   I need to make a 3 tier square cake for 60 people. What sizes are best?   What price would be best to charge for a basic wedding cake of that size?
the bike we are looking to purchase for her is only $1500, and we are hoping to get it by next june. We also are doing garage sales along with selling cakes and cupcakes.
Yes, marketing, pricing, baking. Etc
I'm trying to raise money for a friend who has cerebral palsy and wants to try and get a adopted bike. The government denied her the funding, so we are trying to raise the money for her. I have decided to use what i learned in cake decorating classes and sell cakes to family, friends and friends of friends.    I am wondering if anyone has any tips for me on how to get started on doing it?   thanks
Yes, I plan to do that. I am also planning on buying a separate fridge/ freezer for the cakes.
Will fondant be okay at room temperature on the cake or should it be covered?
Would you be able to recommend a tasty Buttercream that won't spoil?
Like milk and fruit?   will butter spoil?
Sorry I don't understand what perishable means?
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