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Hi everyone! I am looking for some different companies that offer wholesale supplies. Not really ingredients, I go to restaurant depot for that, but things like sprinkles, candy melts, etc. I already have an account in ckproducts, just wanted to know what other companies are out there that offer the same items as ck. Thanks!
Thanks everyone!
Hi everyone, Just looking for some tips, I started my business in April and things are going great! So great staying organized can become overwhelming at times. I have the cake boss software and I love it. My real issue is emails and contracts. I keep all emails until one week after the order is delivered, but now I am booking 2014 weddings and I am thinking how in the world I am going to have all these emails straight for over a year. As far as paper contracts I just file...
I refrigerate all my cakes to make them easier to deliver. I know some say dont do it but it works for me.
Thanks guys. I think I am gonna do it.
Good evening everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has painted a fondant cake and put it in the fridge. I have an order this weekend that would be easiest to just paint the details on but I am worried that when I take it out for delivery what may happen. I just don't want the food color to run on me. Any tips anyone has would be great! I hand paint all the time, but it on cookies so I don't have to worry about those. If it is a horrible idea I can do the design...
My local Safeway sells dry ice.
Hi everyone? Just wondering what everyone takes to there tastings. Besides cake of course. Do you take contracts? Order forms? Pictures? Thanks!
Thank you both!
Quick question, I am making a football helmet and baseball hat cake this week where I am going to be using an edible image for the logos ( just got my printer last week ) and I am woundering about how the edible image is going to held up in the fridge. I am going to be placing it on fondant, if that makes a difference. I would normally just wait and attach them before delivery but the customer is picking up the cake Friday night for a Saturday party. It has to go in the...
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