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How do I get that tall skinny look to a wedding cake? I know prob 6inch high layers, is that hard to do? and what size rounds do you use? should they increase by 2in each layer to give it that slender look?? HELP!
I read on a website that the lady tops her cookies right out of the oven with rolled MMF and it melts it right to the cookie..has anyone done this before??Does it hold its shape? does it melt?
Does anyone have any idea/ pics of how to create a frame to make a grave digger cake that is "climbing"? u know like where u can see underneath it...
thanks so much everyone!
If she had actually gotten such a great price for the other cakes she would have use them again and not even called you!
what is your favorite fondant to use and why? I have been using Marshmellow fondant for 3ys and I really want to try something else becuz MMF is so unpredictiable. I have heard wilton is horrible tasting? Maybe try satin Ice? is it dry? ....Thanks for the help!
Help! I need some pics/ideas for a Hawaiian cake with many many rules! the bride wants a six in round and then cupcakes. her color is a very light pink, with a tiny bit of green and purple. she is Hawaiian and want that as her theme but NOT luau!!! Maybe flowers.Im not sure I know how to make Hawaiian flowers. but she also mentioned rhinestones and crystals..doesnt sound very hawaiian to me!
definately need to put a cake board in between the layers, stacking 6 layers of cake with no cake board would be the same as stacking a 3 tier cake with no boards or supports.
Yes u should use coffee stix, fill with some royal icing (i have even used bc) wire is not food safe
Does anyone know where I can order Dasmask cutouts? I have a HUGE damask cake coming up ( first damask print) and wanted to use cut outs for my fondant??
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