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Ugh....guilty as charged.
Not to be rude, owners of this website, but I have submitted a very simple request several times after going thru "the chain of command"AKA your mods-who are extremely helpful but cannot perform the action I am requesting. I know you have received the PMs, as I see they aren't in my outbox anymore. Please. I'd really appreciate it. It may not seem important to you, but it is to me. It can't possibly take more than 2 seconds, and I won't bug you again. Thank you.
At time of ohone call-That's when I finish the cake, decorate, photograph it and on with life. Whew. Bride-you can come pick it up if you would like. What a hassle. HO-ley crap. It's nice that you were so accommodating, I doubt most people would have been. Me one of them.
Excellent. I treat my customers like kings and queens, and I smile sweetly at the ones I want to kill. And then come here and throw up about them. Thank God for CC!
It boggles my mind that people accept payment at delivery, like it's pizza someone thought would be fun to order.
I am pretty certain the cake was airbrushed with the purple sheen and it was handpainted after that.
Ditto. Freeze, unthaw, freeze again....ick.
And of course the telephone one where the caller says Gramma? Help..I need money!
When I post a link to a pic for reference, it's only cause it's the first image that popped up in Google. I'm not ever directing anyone to a particular website, just showing the thing I'm talking about. That particular scraper has been seen at Bed Bath and Beyond though. But any scraper that looks like it, from anywhere is just as good.
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