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my council is ridiculous to get a straight answer out of. I have been making cakes for family and friends at cost for around a year now. I simply cannot afford to pay for these myself, so i charge the amount it costs me to make, or i make them as birthday gifts instead of buying them something else. I dont have any sort of license's, some of you may eat me alive for saying that, but thats not through lack of trying to get even a simple yes or no answer out of my council. i...
We dont have cool whip or dream whip or anything like that in australia unless you go to a specialty international food store unfortunately. im also still trying to find these endless list of pudding and coffee creamer flavors! lol
icing sugar is the same thing.i use it all the time with no problems.
id say you could replace it with just whipped cream.
when ive painted on cakes.. and ive never done anything major.. coz im the worlds worst drawer! lol i have just used the liquid food colouring from the supermarket., its works fine for the small scale i do. might be good to just practice with? the "art work" in my cow art cake was painted doing that.
thanks guys! i managed to talk my friend out of the mock cream, as that would be the first to, so it will all be ganache now, also have arranged for a saturday morning pickup. phew. im still stressed about this cake.. but im hoping for the best! apparently we are in the middle of the hottest week in history! crazy. i guess it doesnt help me hating summer and heat and all.. lol.
i think white on white looks lovely. if you wanted colour though, i think either some small berry colour flowers bunched in would look good, otherwise dust the middle of the flowers in berry?
im a little bit stressed.Im doing a cake for a friend, its due for pickup on friday. I believe the event is on Saturday night.My stress is the weather. The cake fillings and crumb coat will be essentially non perishable (ganche and jam and mock cream).however, i just checked the forecast as we are in the middle of a bit of a heat wave atm.Saturday is forecast to be 38 degrees C, yesterday was forecast to reach 37, instead it got to 44 (111 farenheit).im freaking out that... docs version of that thread. its brilliant.and hats off to ever compilied the google document! im sorry im not sure who made it to give credit too! although i know alot of the recipes are from macsmom... so thankyou to you!
best idea!!!!! will def. be trying this out!! ive heard another method using word but it sounded very complicated.... this is so simple! thanks so much!
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