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thanks heaps guys.
hello; does anyone know of a good recipe for rsuting buttercream? i usually use the wilton recipe.. would that be good enough? ta.
very keen to try this one...! that last one was insane!!! ohhh, to have that sort of talent....
thanks for the info. =) am making my first cake using wire next week. excellent timing.
i love you all.... have been attempting to hunt down a great fudgy chocolate filling that doesnt need refrigeration and ISNT buttercream..once i again. I love you.
hello;Have no idea if you can help, but have you any idea how to make your own petal and leaf veiners.. they are really a mould i suppose? haha sorry, im so keen to try these things out, tried tracking supplies down EVERYWHERE and having no luck.. so then i thought.. ill make my own.. but how on earth do i do that? oh geez. my brain needs to turn off...haha. im in australia if that counts for anything...You girls in america dont know how lucky youve got it to have...
annoying question.. but where on earth can i find some? I live in australia and am having an absoloutley HORRIBLE time trying to find it. Have tried catering shops, craft shops, general kitchen gadget stores.. everything.. and still no luck! also no powdered food colouring? lol... its resulting in some disastors.. ie.. for my sons first birthday i made him a cake with some animal fondant figures.. for some reason they ended up melting.. even though i had frozen them.....
oh my gosh.. this is amazing.
Hello; just wondering if anyone knows of any good tutorials on how to make little animals out of fondant? specifically a monkey, lion, giraffe, hippo and elephant? thanks.also if anyone knows of a good fondant recipe to use for this? i have one, but it keeps turning out dry and cracking like mad.. i dont know if its because it been really hot today???sorry, new to this! thanks for your help!Emily
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