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by dripping down the sides do you mean its runny? if so you need to use a higher choc to cream ratio. perhaps you are putting too much ganache on.. dont be scared to put it on thin, so long as the cake is covered it will be fine. i only put just enough on mine and it works well for me. i use a bench scraper to get mine on the cake evenly.. a butter knife if its a carved cake and in the inticate parts.. a lot of people swear by using a hot knife, have a play around and find...
wow! just read through this entire thread! have been making ginger houses for a while.. but they always turn out a little dodgy.. =S really want to get a good one done this year! Just wondering, do many people make their own patterns? if so, how on earth do you do this?? i *attempted* to do so earlier this month.. was disaster! lol.
i know some people bake theirs a little bit longer to make it stronger, you would loose some of the flavour though so it would depend on whether you intend on eating it. you also need to be careful not to burn it.. because that would most likely weaken it and make it very brittle...good luck! i would also use inner suprot.. if you want to go all edible use things like candy canes as crossbars within the house etc.
Hi,I make gingerbread houses every year, have done for the last six years, this year im planning on doing a few mini ones to give as gifts, problem is, not everyone eats gingerbread or likes it.. in fact most people i know dont! lol. So i was wondering if there are any other types of cookies you can use to build a house structure? I live in a hot humid climate (it is summer here), so it would have to be able to stand up to that, which rules out building a house in...
i made some not long ago, i did a cinnamon cupcake, with an apple filling, then it had whipped cream on top.. topped with a circle of latticed puff pastry that i had baked before hand. =) otherwise, id go with a cinnamon buttercream, drizzled with caramel.
yes please do post a link to the finished cake! i used to like the sounds of kookaburras.. but i must say, when they are going off at 6 am on a sunday morning, im not really singing their praises! lol
use the recipe above and spread it on. I dont spread mine on particularly thick, i know that most people do though, I put just enough on to cover any inconsistencies in the cake and give the fondant something to stick too.
perhaps you need to make your BC a bit stiffer then? I usually use ganache under mine. tastes better, easier and quicker to make, and looks better under the fondant. Sometimes i use BC though, if someone Ive made a cake for specifically asks for no chocolate.. i do hate when they do that though lol
could you do the head and beak in RKT?(there is a recipe here with ingredients all available in Aust... have made it before.. otherwise you could just use LCM bars) then make the body out of cake? the tail possibly gumpaste? If you needed to get more servings out of it, perhaps make it some the bird is sitting on something? a plain round cake with a branch going across it?
Thanks everybody for your help. I was going to go with the lime green gift box with black damask stenciling and a black loop bow on top.. but of course.. i couldnt find a reasonably priced stencil anywhere! so i had to change my whole theme and ended up with this: loved it, and im happy with how it turned out, just still wish i could have done pin up style! thanks again!
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