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amazing! thank you!
that is an amazing idea!!!!!! thanks so much!!
Hi,Im holding a fundraiser to raise money for ASPECT and to raise awareness of autism. Its kind of in honour of my son who is Autistic. I want to do a cake to go along with it but im getting stuck on designs (as usual). The puzzle piece is the ASD symbol, blue is the colour, or otherwise multi-coloured puzzle pieces. The event is called 'Drawtism' and its colours are bright rainbow really. The event is monday, I havnt done cakes for a while.. annnnd im super dooper short...
use the bottom piece upside down, so there is no 'lip' for the base to sink into. Then line with parchment paper and when you release the spring form it should just slide right off and you can put it on a plate! =) hth
humidity effects everything.. especially fondant! its incredibly frustrating.. i only make cakes in summer if i absolutely have too.
does anyone know of a good non-perishable apple filling I could use? Im in Australia, so I dont have access to all the wonderful flavoured puddings and 'sleeves?' you guys have. Thanks!
Hi,im looking for a really moist carrot cake recipe to use and an icing to go along with it. It would be really great if it doesnt have to be refrigerated too! (im not sure if cream cheese icing needs to be???) thanks!!!
havnt been able to look at everything yet.. but so far.. not so good.. perhaps would have been better just to work on fixing all the bugs instead of changing the layout.. i miss seeing the stats of my photos and also the forum topics on the home page!! i havnt gone through everything yet.. but so far.. yeah i miss the old cc.
isnt this the trap... i agree your true friends truly value your skills. =) perhaps even explaing to people how much money you are loosing in labor if they do get confrontational? i dont think most people realise this! they just think youll be able to whip it up in no time at home or while your are working on other things not realising that you are loosing out on money. Im only a hobby baker but i am almost at the point of telling people NO MORE CAKES!!! i usually do them...
thanks! i might give that chocolate one a go! my sugar cookies always turn out too bland for my liking.
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