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i also find it depends on the weather. Have had to up my chocolate ratio massively with the heat we have been having lately. Also, to avoid grainy ganache, I find using a metal whisk does the trick. Not sure why it works so much better, perhaps because the whisk heats up too and melts the chocolate as it contacts it? (I make my ganache on the stove top =))  and dont be scared to reheat ganache.. its one of the beauties of it.. it wont hurt it to reheat it. 
the cake dude- thats a good idea. may give that a ****! thanks. Dani1081- i did see that, however the cake was made in winter and im really not sure cookies will hold up to our heat and humidity. There has been a pattern emerging that the day of my son party tends be boiling hot and raining- not the greatest mix for cakes! Has resulted in a cake disaster almost every year =( 
sounds like they were left somewhere either hot or humid? I would try kneading in more icing sugar before shaping them. Also ensuring they are left somewhere cool and dry when finished. 
why can't you freeze it? It should be ok from wednesday, but I would probably do it on the thursday if i could. 
it could be either too thick or too thin, hard to say without seeing out thick/thin your rolling it.. Fondant can be very tempramental it takes a bit of playing around to figure out how to get it to cooperate. You could also try adding some extra glycerin to it, that always improves the flexibility of my fondant.  
Hi,   Just wondering what people think would be the best way to make aeroplane wings? They need to be able to stand up to high heat (anywhere from 30-40C or 86-104F) along with humidity - so chocolate is out. Also hoping to cut down on costs (cake is for my sons birthday) so would prefer to avoid making them out of gumpaste. I will attach a link to the sort of plane cake Im aiming to make.    Thanks for your...
thanks guys! its difficult for me to get specialty supplies here, so i may try the bags of different in colours in one bag =)
Hi, just wondering what the most effective way of making a rainbow icing swirl is? Ive seen a few different techniques, some 'paint' the bag first with either straight food colouring or swatches of coloured icing and then fill it with white icing and some colour large amounts of icing and put it all in the bag together.. need to do about 100 cupcakes in this way so really looking for the easiest way thats not going to end up with the colours all mixing togther and going...
I had this issue in my old house... it drove me nuts and made me so embarrassed!! Every time someone came over i had this uncontrollable urge to run through everything I had tried to get the floors clean! haha. Once i did get them clean... but very very dangerously.. (i didnt realise it at the time.. very very BIG blonde moment!) i mixed bleach and ammonia together and mopped the floors.. they had never been cleaner, thank fully nothing bad happened.. but would not...
haha thanks! I'll be needing that!!
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