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finely chop some maraschino cherries, and add them to your favourite vanilla cake recipe!
Thank you so much everyone! I will be trying again tonight!
Hello fellow cake enthusiasts! I'm hoping someone can help me out- I've tried multiple times to make gumpaste tulips to no avail. I've looked at many tutorials and haven't had any luck. I can't seem to get the 'cup-y' are all the petals on wires? What do you dry them on to achieve the shape? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
bubble tea straws are super cheap! You can find them at most Asian supermarkets... also I use large breed dog nail clippers to cut wooden dowels- clean cut and super easy!
Love the support on this site!! Great work everyone Check out this gruesome ZOMBIE cake I made a little while ago! Look at your own risk muahaha
Extracts work great! You can also use fruit purees or jam, lemon/lime curd, melted chocolate, crushed cookie crumbs, coconut cream etc... But yes- I would look up specific recipes to ensure you have the right ratios
I don't know much about crusting and non-crusting ...I only know that I've had great success with Swiss Meringue Buttercream - Sorry!
I only use SMBC so I'm not sure what the difference is when smoothing... but for sculpted cakes, I apply a crumb coat, then let it get cold in fridge for a bit. I then add a second layer and let it get hard- I usually put it in the freezer because i'm impatient lol... then I use a plastic bowl scraper to smooth all the edges- especially difficult with rounded cakes. For all the parts I can't get to with the bowl scraper, I use the fatty part of my palms to smooth out the...
You're doing it right though! Maybe just prick more holes? ...I make sure to poke several small holes behind every decoration, and I guess just be extra careful when applying your fondant? I hate air bubbles!
Agreed! Love this place!
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