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Charleehorse, how did your cake come out with the cascading hydrangeas?  I'm doing a wedding cake this summer with cascading hydrangea blossoms from the top to the bottom of the cake and I really don't want to add wires to the blossoms.  I hope yours was a success.  Do you have a picture of it?
Can anyone help. I'm having one heck of a time making burgundy fondant for a ribbon. I've used the smallest amount of fondant I can and have added wilton rose, lavender and some red red. I need to add so much that the texture of the fondant gets so mushy. I've tried it with the americolor and spectrum super red and have gotten the same result. I've also tried using gumpaste with no luck. I'd really like to use fondant because it tastes better - I used Jennifer Dontz...
Krista. You're in the ballpark as far as I can see. Your prices are very similar to mine. I charge a little more for wedding cakes though. It's very hard to price cakes because each is so different. It really depends on the level of decorating you're doing. Your cakes are very nice, too.
anyone know how to make an edible director's chair. I'm doing a Hollywood type cake and I'd love to include one. Thanks
I have 2 questions. why do you use 50/50 gumpaste and fondant instead of just gumpaste and where did you find those long toothpicks?Thanks
yes srkmilkladythat's the one - thanks
The other day I saw a link to a great tutorial on making a fondant bow. Now I can't find it. It had pictures of the process. Strips were cut and looped using toothpicks. The loops were laid on a sheet pan to dry, then you could see how they were placed onto the top tier of a cake. Now I can't find the tutorial. Can anyone direct me?
Anyone know of a good tutorial on how to make Catlyea (sp) orchids
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