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Does anyone know how to make a gumpaste ankle shoe??? I've made tons of shoes before but never an ankle boot. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Try Jem cutters
Hi everyone, So I always use 10x sugar in my buttercream. Will it make that much of a difference If I use 6x? I know the difference is that 10x was just cut more than the 6, but will it change the consistency of my buttercream? 6x is much cheaper so I'm trying to cut back on costs. HELP
I'm looking to buy a printer for edible images. My question is can you purchase a regular printer and use it or edible images? I know you need edible ink and paper. I have no idea which printer is better epson or canon's for edible images. HELP PLEASE-SO CONFUSED
So I'm looking in to getting an edible printer. I don't have a ton of money to spend. Can anyone recommend a good one, not too expensive. I know there are cannon's and epson's, but I don't know which one is better.
does anyone have a recipe for cannoli cream made with Impastata???? Can't seem to find one.
oh really I thought it was only good for a couple weeks. awsome, thanks
how long can you refrigerate buttercream for?
hey all,I need help with a price please! What would you charge for a NY Rangers Jersey cake-Full Detail, for 90 ppl, chocolate, with cookie and cream filling and fondant-Plus a little 6 or 8 in cake to go along side it as a hockey puck with the Rangers logo on it. Forgot to mention I live in NY.Thanks for the input!
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