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So sorry to hear your story, i'm sure many others here like myself have has similar situations. Your response letter is perfect. I wonder if they kept your cake at the right temp?? Did they show the client the cake? Something does not seem right when both flavors were off?? I hate to say these situations will come up from time to time but handle them quickly, forget it and move on to your next masterpiece... good luck.
In my area the planning Dept. is part of building and zoning (what type of area u live in Res./Comm. and what type of business can be in that area. I did find out a while back that I can sell and get permit/lic. to make non-human edible items - dog treats etc. with one employee in my residencial area.
Another suggestion that works great to is foamcore boards - Walmart has best price. If you double them up you get a firm surface for most cakes. I do use plywood for my tiered cakes base or double layer full sheets - good luck!
Thanks so much for the info ladies, will be trying it out this weekend. Have a great one!!
I do the same as Indydebi suggests - I like to trim the two ends that you will butt up together get nice and straight apply a thin layer of buttercream and push together, viola full sheet ready
I also live in Fla. the Planning Dept. requires a permit to operate a home business in a residential area. Plus an occupational license from the county... still looking into Health Dept. and Waste Management.
Lisapeps may I ask what size pans do you use to get 1" layers? I like the 3 layer cake and two fillings but hate the waste with my 2" pans any ideas??. I agree with the dowels on buttercream level to the buttercream smidge below - good info for fondant.
Edna of Designmeacake has a great intro video on You tube - about this subject - great!!
Not sure if this is the correct way but it works great for me since I don't like hammering my dowel. I ice my cakes each on there own foamcore board that I have cut a whole in the center of each board except the bottom layer. Once I have my bottom layer on my display board I then insert a sharpened dowel into the center of this layer (this dowels length depends on how many tiers you are stacking, make sure it is 2" shorter than total). Once the cakes are iced I mark the...
If you only have an issue with one tier, before you rebake try to figure out what happened? Did you forget any ingredients, did you overbake? etc.I personally would start over. Avoid headaches for yourself and definetly feel confident that your providing your customer with the best cake you can deliver. good luck
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