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I love the look of cornelli lace. I saw a tv show where they ran there royal icing threw a panty hose and squezze it threw. She called it "liquid gold" LOL but it works great.... don't overthink it's kind of like scribble work just let it flow and never overlap lines.
My county is requiring an occupational license ( you must have your ficticious registered before you can apply for occup) we are also required to apply for a home based business license. It's a one time fee of $498.00. I don't think this is required in all counties. I happen to live in a tourist area with many restrictions. Hoping all will go well when I apply, most people are surprised and cautious when answering questions. Hope the process goes smoothly for us all. Good...
How much powdered sugar?? A good start is 1 lb sugar to 1 cup shortening. Hi-ratio shortening does make a difference and sub. some shortening for unsalted butter gives a nice flavor without affecting the consistency of buttercream. I find heavy whipping cream or coffee creamer give a creamier taste. Good luck!!
If possible you should try hi-ratio shortening in place of Crisco. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference.
You can also try bakers release: 1cup flour-1cup solid shortening-1cup liquid oil. Mix well till creamy keep in a container in the frig and just brush pans liberally. Great if you don't like the parchment. I myself prefer the wax paper bottom and sides, never have to trim cakes and are always supper moist.
Wow, Publix in my area is $2.27 Duncan Hines! Walmart .98 but a 2 hour drive so I buy cases when i'm up that way. Walmart's vanilla is not bad either..way better than mccormick.
Carmijok does cake need frig. or can it stay out cool room overnight?? thnks. I had a recipe that the baker never refrigerated there creme cheese buttercream and have lost it.
This has been around for many many years.. They would be made out of royal icing on stryofoam and royal or gumpaste flowers. "back in the day LOL" no fondant at that time. They would rent them out and serve the sheet cakes, usually each slice of cake would have a rose bud or detail to personalize. When I went to Wilton School in Chicago (many,many years ago) I had the honor of going to Mr Wilton (son's) bakery and watch him make a pulled sugar cake (unbelievable...
I just made a 10" double layer (my grad cake in pic). Baked Wed. cooled and filled with buttercream,crumb coated,wrapped and froze overnight took out Thur. morning and decorated Thurs. night. Buttercream and fondant decorations. Left out in cold a/c room was picked up Fri. afternoon driven 3hrs away and served Saturday night. They called, made it perfect and eating last pieces on Sunday.
Purple and green must the new thing. I have a baby shower coming up purple and electric green - peacock theme ??? Hope to see what is suggested. good luck.
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