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Moranda may I ask are you able to use this filling in cake night before and leave out in an a/c room to serve the next day?? without bettercream breaking down?
Will try TexasSugars - thnks for sharing....
I love this technique, the computer paper really completes the finish. My cake is room temp., my icing is medium consis., and my home temp with a/c is cool 73. Good luck !!!!
I have done one of each (pic's) rubbing a little shortening onto your wax paper really helps with release once it is dried. with royal icing you can start with tip #3 and second layer #2 for strength. I must say I prefer the gumpaste tiara over royal. I used and extruder and it was a breeze to make. Good Luck!!! Patterns are easy to create using cutters (hearts,flowers etc. make on side fold paper and trace onto the other side so they are exactly same.
I live in Monroe County and you must have your fictitious name registered and approved before you can apply for the occupational (required on their application). Because my area issues a Home Occupation Special Use Permit I was told that I would also be required to also apply, luckily it is a one time fee.
Bought some Jamaican vanilla while on vacation- spicy rich flavor, can't use much very strong. Bought some mexican vanilla again on vacation- really smooth and rich. I like to try and visit groceries and small markets when on vacation, can't you tell ( LOL) you never know what you'll find.
Has anyone seen a tutorial on these extra tall cakes? I am looking for any tips anyone is willing to share from the setup to exterior fondant application. Would appreciate any insight, thanks in advance.
I just made my silver Tiara (in my pics) with Edna's green extruder.LOVE IT!! I use it with mmf fondant with or without tylose- gumpate- and even Edna's egg white gumpaste. Crumbcake - make sure you twist the extruder open completly when you fill. Roll a long log with a little shortening (smooth exterior coating) and then insert. Good luck!!!
This was happening at a bakery I was working at - we realized the girl was setting up cakes wrong. Not sure how you set up your cakes but I was taught you always flip the bottom layer onto your board. Top of the baked cake is always on the board. Never use the bottom of (pan) on the board. The pan releases can make your cake slid on a smooth surface plate. A little buttercream on the board helps to secure. Hope it makes sense...
ELLIE1985 - Thnks for sharing will try!!!! sounds delish
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